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Kitchen Planet (ISO 9001:2008 Certified Showroom)

Using the latest technology of global standards Kitchen Planet produces durable products. Kitchen making is as much an art as cooking is. So we take extreme care in choosing the material for it. The wood, stain appliances and accessories color will undergo a stringent quality test before they take the final birth. And above all your kitchen should score high when it comes to hygiene, convenience and appeal in addition to the unique requirement of each family. Having satisfied all these points your kitchen is assembled and your brand new Kitchen Planet’s INIESTA kitchen is going to satisfy your entire family for a lifetime or probably longer. A traditional and trendy interior exterior solution of Kitchen Planet’s INIESTA brand befits your dream to reality.


  • When you decide to step in the world of Kitchen Planet each of the component is ensured for its quality, finish, and technical accuracy
  • We provide Factory, Customized Modular Kitchen as per requirement and desire
  • Kitchen Planet will take care from designing, measuring, manufacturing up to correct installing your kitchen
  • Application of latest technology in producing long lasting and aesthetically appealing products.
  • Customized designing and installation.
  • Indian style cooking adaptation.
  • Customer can purchase kitchen- specific product under one roof at reasonable prices.
  • We provide customized interior exterior design technology that makes traditional and trendy production of brand INIESTA that ensure your dream homes elegance to reality.
  • 16 year expertise in modular kitchen designing, interior exterior designing, making and Installation as well as after sales services on request on time.
  • Retailing of related and / or supplementary brands to facilitate completeness in utility.
  • To fight extreme weather conditions products are further strengthened using quality wood MDF (Exterior), HDF UV Coated Panels, High Glossy Acrylic Boards and High Density Laminated Boards.

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